7 thoughts on “Satmarbucks

  1. Oh how unrelentingly silly.
    First of all, if it doesn’t have a sign up saying “Kosher” Don’t expect kosher food. Period. It’s not descrimination if they don’t give a (Expletive Deleted) what you’re religious convictions are.
    Secondly, give a Yid a paper cup, man, come on.

  2. first – he’s not Satmar
    second – plain coffee is kosher everywhere- even according to many Satmarers

  3. coffee is kosher but for those of us who observe chalav yisrael, putting the hot liquid in a mug that has at some point contained non-jew milk* would be a poop-ish dilemna.
    *see shulchan aruch & zohar

  4. satmar was a play on words for starbucks.
    At issue, is also the concern if a lard based soap is used to wash the dishes, in which case it was probably also used to clean the coffee pot as well and a paper cup won’t matter much.

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