Seder Trip: 4 Cups To Freedom

These songs of freedoms just another word for-tee oz to freedom is the only chance I have to …close your eyes and breathe in that’s the scent of freedom… An’ we gazed upon the chimes of freedom flashing… we wana be free (BD, BM, JJ, M, and isn’t it Sublime).
Exile. What is it about Redemption that doesn’t get us riled up? Do you like your job, your ipod, and your drugs? Is “it all” worth it, does “the struggle” seem to be getting you somewhere? This is not mussar, this is not Armageddon, I am not the messenger of “change your life.”
Exile is to be ejected, thrown out. We are safe here, aren’t we? The peoples of Darfur and Rwanda, they are an exiled people. But we, no, we are secure. Prestigious, sexy and free. Senators, musicians, artists, scientists, bankers, launderers and pimps but never whores. We the Jew have come a long way baby. Right?
Please G-d, you will all enjoy your own Seder. A colorful night of prose and habit, customs and recollections. Each to their own, for each shall be taken out of Egypt. The lessons are plentiful and if I attempt one it will simply be another crumb on the table.
The word îöøéí (Egypt) comes from the word îöø — Boundary (limits). When G-d Almighty took the Jews out of Egypt, She took that which limited them and set a people free. We are told that the entire experience was a lead in to the receiving of the Torah. Hence, every detail is set before us as a lesson or as an inherited power/trait in order that we might be able to fulfill G-d Almighty’s Will. The commandment of Passover is to “teach to your children” that “in every generation we should see ourselves leaving Egypt. In other words — we are all empowered to leave our limitations.
The energy needed to lift ourselves above the perimeter, or to take control over that which controls us, comes from celebrating Passover.
What does it mean to be free? I don’t know, we are not free. What’s it feel like to be in exile? You tell me, how numb are we. Freedom is the health and spiritual wealth to feel good, to see a visible good and to recognize its existence. A touch of it now, is simply a taste. And you should taste, no one said Exile could not be enjoyed. But know dear friends, that this here is not the ultimate. Bush is not the answer, peace is not the answer. Redemption, a huge act of taking away the veil (evil?), ending human self torture and allowing people to live at home. Only G-d Himself can bring Redemption. Only we can set ourselves free.
May we all rise above our limitations and see ourselves really as the image of G-d. At such a point Seder night, when the candles are lit and the glasses are filled — we shall be free. We shall have light that will forever burn and we will have each other to thank for taking the world out of exile.
(Shout out to Mobius and friends — I know you’ll enjoy redeemin’ yourselves. May we sit together at the party.)

3 thoughts on “Seder Trip: 4 Cups To Freedom

  1. Is this the same moses who was ranting about Jewish babies a few days ago? Wow, talk about manic. This post is really beautiful, thanks.

  2. Pesach sameach Jewschool.
    May you all burn the personal spiritual hametz along with the bread, and may we see our second geulah as we celebrate our our first one from Egypt.

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