Zion B'Ayin: Rock Hard In The Holy Land

Podcasting: It’s all the rage. Every putz and his wife is broadcasting an interweb radioshow out of his home office, including Jewschool’s very own Harry. Not only does Harry and his lovely wife Ziva (who is my hero of the week for hemming my jeans!) have their own weekly podcast about life, the universe & everything, but Harry’s launched a special new podcast which focuses solely on indie rock music in Israel, in hopes of exposing the English-speaking world to all that rocks in the Holy Land. It is called… Zion B’Ayin.

Why the name Zion B’Ayin? Well, its a double entendre. The direct translation means “dick in your eye,” but it also means Zion as in “The historic land of Israel as a symbol of the Jewish people” in your eye. Obviously a dick in your eye would be pretty shocking and I hope to give you that same feeling with the music you’ll hear on this podcast. But shocking in a good way, not painful in a “penis in the eye” way.

Eeeew. Anyway, check the show out — it’s already on its second installment. And be careful to wear safety goggles. We don’t need any of you running around lookin’ like Moshe Dayan.

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