See Jesus crucified on stage twice daily!

The Holy Land Experience!
This is no joke. Watch the video here. Capitalizing on the style of Disney, the Holy Land Experience is an Orlando theme park. The theme is 1st century Jerusalem, where you can see Jesus crucified on stage twice daily and shop. And visit the Temple. 
I’m pretty sure there’s some money-changing going on around this Temple.
This came up in a course I’m taking right now, Pilgrimages to Rome, Jerusalem and Mecca. The professor brought this site and this video to our attention while discussing the state of pilgrimage in modernity.

2 thoughts on “See Jesus crucified on stage twice daily!

  1. There was a great scene about this place in Bill Maher’s movie Religulous. He interviews Jesus. Or, the guy who plays Jesus.

  2. I love TBN. When I was living in Tel Aviv a decade ago, they hired me and a bunch of other random hippies to play apostles in their IMAX, 3D version of the Life of Jesus (“The Revolutionary”). Lining up for the buffet lunch was always iconic, somewhere between Da Vinci and Monty Python.
    I hope that will be a big feature at this theme park.

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