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Seriously Now, We Ain't No Phelps

Fox News’ John Gibson is an idiot. There’s just no other way to describe the low life. He has taken the credibility of his network and his trade to a new all time low, asserting that Americans, who are members of the Democratic party are worse than Iranian President, Ahmadinejad. I am offended, and such a stretched comparison is akin to invoking Hitler and Nazi refrences to further the rhetoric of an empty point to gain political agenda mileage. Does Gibson or Fox news expect any semi intelligent American – Democrat republican or otherwise to actually take this seriously and assume they intend to be taken seriously?
UPDATE: It seems that deplorable and asinine comparisons were on the list of talking points for the conservative talk radio hosts. Self righteous drug addict Rush Limbaugh took the Ahmadinejad letter one step further and dared to claim that the Iranian nutjob’s letter reads like the talking points of “Liberal Jewish People.” Now hows that for offensive?

8 thoughts on “Seriously Now, We Ain't No Phelps

  1. Once again, a big Jewschool story not borne out by its sources. The Gibson article simply pointed out the similarities between Ahmadin- Ahmadinej- the psycho’s letter and Democratic positions. The Limbaugh quote – in context – is an expression of surprise and disgust that Jews would take positions similar to the Psycho’s and against Israel, which surprise and disgust I share.

  2. The only thing I agree with Limbaugh on is how too many Jews side with those that want to destroy them. Other than that, he’s a fucking idiot. I don’t think that anyone except for knuckleheads in ANSWER, ISM, and Stormfront would stoop so low as to agree with Ahmadinejad’s comments (yeah I said ISM). And what kind of garbage is that comment about liberal Hollywood Jewish people?! Now any liberal opinion that he doesn’t like is Jewish?
    People should watch what they say. And don’t get me started on Chomsky. The problem with some people here is that they think that just because Chomsky is left-wing, there has to be a grain of truth in something that he is saying. He loves the terrorist penis. Ah, suck it Trebek.
    Ok that was probably the most uncalled-for comment ever.

  3. These guys make these outrageous statements just to get everyone fired up, and to bring notoriety to themselves and their network. He apparently succeeded with you, got some free publicity on your site, and you even spelled his name right.
    Don’t get fooled again.

  4. AhmadiAhmenniAhmengelejap is actually not that bad. There are legitimate comparisons to Bush: both men are figureheads who deliberately provoke their enemies with apparently careless talk and both project this phony “everyman” rolled-up-sleeves persona. The central tactic is this absolute demonization of all dissent, which really started under Nixon. He not only exploited the soldiers as political props after exploiting them in an unwinnable war, he oversaw these bum poer stickers that said, “America: Love it or Leave it.” It sounds vague and almost apolitical to the innocent, but understanding the context the message is clear: criticizing Nixon = hating America, which cancels out your Americanosity. Of course you could go back to the Dolchstosslegende of the Nazis, which was the real origin of the spat-upon vet myth. In the original, the spitter is a young woman, and she is instantly punished with good old Preusser vapulation.
    Also, rallies:
    So, can we call them Nazis after they’ve killed one million or do we have to wait for another eleven? Is it really an insult to holocaust survivors, and are the feelings of mentally unstable elderly victims of cosmic rape really the most important consideration, if we call them Nazis just based on government secrecy, torture, massive detention facilities, massive corruption, martial aggression, the loss of civil liberties and cultural militarization?
    How about when they hold rallies screeching about being ordained by God to take back their rightful homeland, beset on all sides by the iniquities of secular commie devils who happen to have big noses, by violence?

  5. Well, I hope you’ll add an update to denouce your third commentor who did the exact same thing Gibson did only from the perspective of someone on the left.

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