Settler Kills Two In Shiloh

JPost reports,

In the second case of Jewish terrorism since the beginning of August, two Palestinians were shot dead and three others were seriously wounded as a resident of the West Bank settlement of Shvut Rahel opened fire on them Wednesday afternoon near the Shilo Industrial Zone.

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15 thoughts on “Settler Kills Two In Shiloh

  1. Can we finally talk about what is ‘Jewish terrorism’?
    Wikipedia has a pretty good defnition, saying that there is no ‘one’ definite definition of terrorism.
    And I’m wary of folks who so easily drool over the opportunity to call Jewish murderers (I am not in denial of what they’ve done) – terrorists. Why? Several reasons, not in order of importance:
    – it is too early to assume the intentions of the murderer (we still do not know Zada or Goldstein’s intentions),
    – there’s no evidence of some organization or movement promoting the actions of the individuals who’ve been labeled Jewish terrorists
    – as if this wipes the conscious clean telling the world and ourselves that we TOO have bad applees ‘like everyone else’ or ‘not like me’,
    Of wikipedia:
    The act is violent and/or life threatening – yes
    The act is unlawful – yes
    The target is civilian – yes
    The perpetrator is a non-state entity – yes and no. Perpetrator is civilian but no evidence of an ‘entity’
    The motive is political or religious – ?
    The objective is to intimidate – ?
    The intimidation is directed at government or society – ?
    – were the columbine massacre, various USPS employee-frustration massacres terrorism?
    The usual connotation for terrorism is when it’s carried out by an organization (hamas, plo, kurdish liberation, FLN, red army, basques, IRA, etc…) for political/religious reasons, but in the several cases of Jewish murderers of Arabs, we do not see any mass society support (like with the Palestinians), rather individuals taking matters into their own hands.
    It might seem like a double standard, but I think that it is too early to run around shouting ‘Jewish terrorism’. These massacres must be condemned, but it just seems that recent historical instances of Jews murdering Arabs, don’t seem to be following most of the definition of terrorism.

  2. Cold blooded murder is the way the arabs first attempted to stop Israel from being created, and then they’ve consistently used cold blooded murder in their attempts to destroy Israel. This is something that we are all aware of, even though many refuse to acknowledge it. This has become a rule. Jews don’t use cold blooded murder in the defense of the land of Israel. Jews don’t act like arabs, it’s a simple as that, and it also a rule. Jews acting like Arabs is an EXCEPTION to that rule and using aristotilian logic we can conclude, that the two EXCEPTIONS that happened this month only confirm that rule.

  3. this is disgusting. targeting innocent people is indefensible. I hope and pray that everyone refrains from such disgusting tactics.

  4. its never right to kill innocent people. there is hysteria which equals insane acts, ppl killing themselves and ppl killing others. this doesnt make what israel is doing any less wrong . the disengagement is a blow to the worlds. a definite fall in what we consider humane

  5. Disclosure: I am among other thigns a Vice President of Meretz USA; the organization issued a statement on the first of two such incidents; it was posted to the web on August 5th. Send comments to [email protected]
    Find the release below here:
    Meretz USA Condemns Jewish Terror Murders
    Harold M. Shapiro, President of Meretz USA, issued the following statement condemning the murder of four Israeli Arab citizens yesterday in Shfar’am, Israel.
    ———————– ———————– ———————– ———–
    “Yesterday’s murderous attack on Israeli Arab civilians by a Jewish terrorist is a bitter reminder that Israeli extremism is as intolerant and intolerable as Palestinian extremism. Occurring in such close proximity to Israel’s scheduled withdrawal from Gaza, the attack amplifies the ongoing costs of the Arab-Israeli conflict and the need to move toward a just and comprehensive resolution. We commend Prime Minister Sharon for asserting that this tragedy will not affect the disengagement.
    “We extend our most heartfelt condolences to the families of those so wantonly murdered as well as to the wounded. We hope that such tragedies will strengthen the resolve of Israelis and Palestinians of good will to press their governments to move swiftly and decisively toward peace.”
    ———————– ———————– ———————– ———–
    Meretz USA supports peace, pluralism and democracy for Israel, and advocates a secure Israel living alongside an unmilitarized Palestinian state dedicated to peace and democracy.
    ———————– ———————– ———————– ———–
    Posted to the web by admin on 05-Aug-2005

  6. A terrorist does not have to have an organization. Only a terrorist organizations needs a terrorist organization. However, I am glad that Jewish terrorism has never grown into a movement or organization, and that its never left Israel (discounting the strange JDL in the USA). Although, some of the reason for this may be that the IDF and Knesset have never before gone against Jewish religious radicals in such a big way. Not to say that the IDF is terrorist, bu it likely does allow would-be terrorists to legally carry out violent acts that may serve to dissipate their desire for violence. The turning-point marked by the Gaza pull-out might down the road mark the shift from religious support for Israel to renewed religious opposition to Israel. However that seems unlikely unless something bigger happens soon…
    Go Meretz!
    (Isn’t Meretz (Israel) part of Yahad now.)

  7. meretz/yahad are disgraceful. they care for arabs more than jews! they are insane! we should worry about our own security first, save our lives from these arab terrorists. jewish terrorism isnt correct, but i dont see half the publicity on an arab terrorist than a jewish one.
    us here. them there. transfer them

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