Settlers Rally at Illegal Kahane Synagogue

The Voice of Judea reports,

PM Ariel Sharon’s harsh edict demanding the dismantling of the newly constructed “Kahane” synagogue in Tapuah West was met with determined opposition from residents and supporters who gathered by thousands at the far-flung Jewish outpost. Sharon’s strict orders to destroy the house of worship before the opening ceremony Sunday, January 4th were left unfulfilled, as the buses rolled in from across Israel. The flood of supporters surging up the steep 1-mile road to the outpost brandishing torches served as an impressive sign of popular support for the synagogue and the Torah dedicated in memory of Rav Kahane and his son Binyamin and daughter-in-law Taliya.

An indelible mark was firmly imprinted on the hearts of all those present, as well as on the neighboring Arab-occupied village of Yasuf, which could hear both cries and prayers of the impassioned crowd as they placed the Torah into the ark, shouting forth the Shema Yisrael. Rachamim Sultan, one of the participants who journeyed all the way for New York, “It is inconceivable to miss an event commemorating the Kahanes who dedicated their lives to strengthening Israel’s security. They were murdered, and thus prevented from completing their mission of warning Am Yisrael of the impending dangers which face it. Our participation tonight shows the world that Kahane Hai [Kahane lives on] and that we continue their work.”

The newly constructed shul will act as temporary home for the Sefer Torah before it its permanent home in a yet-to-be constructed building in the outpost. At that point the current shul will be transformed into a memorial for the many victims of Arab terror, including the Kahane family. In the mean time however, a Beit Midrash (Torah study hall) is operating in the unfinished building, as fund-raising efforts are underway to complete construction and to commence the building of the future home of the Sefer Torah.

More on this story in Ha’aretz.

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