Sexist hasbara by the Israel Project
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Sexist hasbara by The Israel Project sparks Facebook fury

The Israel Project should know better. Even though this right-wing Israel advocacy group’s founder likens the two-state solution to ethnic cleansing, that founder is also a woman. In fact, all three of their founders were women: Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi, Margo Volftsun, and Sheryl Schwartz.
But that didn’t stop someone at The Israel Project’s staff from posting a grossly sexist photo of an IDF female soldier to its Facebook page that approaches softcore porn with a caption “✡ Only in the IDF ✡”. Even if their staff appears to be 95% percent dudes, somebody should have (in the words of JTA’s Ron Kampeas) “Geez, check with the woman in the office before posting.”
Despite the photo’s 15,000+ likes, some TIP supporters were clearly outraged. The top comments are objections from women with nearly a thousand likes in total:

Looks like a soft porn photo not one of a real Israeli female soldier on duty. Not sure what this is supposed to communicate to the young Israeli women serving in the army? It can’t be a core value for a female soldier of the IDF to look cute and sexually available! (674 likes)


Beauty has nothing to be with this. This is lack of respect for Israeli female soldiers. (170 likes)


Shame on you that you use IDF soldier as a sex object. They have serious jobs and to post a picture of a Jewish soldier as a sex object is despicable. (105 likes)


I agree with Gail – do not cheapen Israeli soldiers with stupid sex pictures. (59 likes)

Reading down the comment thread are too many offensive comments to mention. Let’s hope this hasbaracolypse ends with a formal apology to women, women soldiers, and intersectionality while they’re at it.

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