Shabbat Shalom

As we begin to enter in earnest the political race for the next president of the United States, Senator Joe Lieberman is finding himself at odds with the other candidates. The presidential-hopeful, who is Sabbath observant, has been already been missing several opportunities to get his message across. Last week, at a weekend held with all the Democratic nominees in Columbia, South Carolina, the debate itself was pushed off till late Saturday night for Lieberman to be able to attend. However, earlier in the day, the audience was forced to watch a taped speech by the Connecticut senator while the other candidates — including the Al Sharpton and John Kerry — gave live talks to the audience. “When it comes to public service, Senator Lieberman is on the job 24-7,” Jano Cabrera, Lieberman’s campaign spokesman, said. “When it comes to politics, he’s 24-6.”

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