Sharon Admin Enforces Quotas Against Blacks, Welcomes Whites With Open Arms

About 2,000 immigrants from Ethiopia have demonstrated outside Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s offices to persuade the Government to allow their relatives to join them in Israel.

The protesters, who claimed they were victims of racism, carried photos of their relatives and demanded the lifting of immigration restrictions.

In the meantime, Sharon is running around telling American and European Jews to make aliyah. Real nice, doucheneck.

The British used to enforce immigration quotas on Palestine too, requiring emigres to have at least £1,000 cash on hand in order to enter the country. The concern was that poor immigrants would be a burden on the struggling Palestinian economy, a concern ecohed by Israel upon the first wave of Ethiopian arrivals in 1999. But if Israel is so willing to cough up the dough for American & European immigrants to get themselves on their feet, why should Ethiopians be excluded?

According to Israel National News, “A cabinet decision was made in February to bring the remaining members of Ethiopia’s Jewish community home, but Minister of the Interior Avraham Poraz is lagging, apparently unwilling to actualize the decision.”

[Update] The Jerusalem Post is reporting, “Interior Minister Avraham Poraz is preparing a proposal to bring Jews left in Ethiopia to Israel, thus implement previous government decisions.” I guess nonviolent civil disobedience does work. I just wonder how long they’ll sit on the proposal after submitting it…

One thought on “Sharon Admin Enforces Quotas Against Blacks, Welcomes Whites With Open Arms

  1. In light of the problems the Ethiopian Jews seem to be having it made me think of this other article, which shows how egregious this treatment is:
    Zap — You’re Jewish
    by Hirsh Goodman, Jerusalem Report [IL]
    When it comes to the settlement movement,the sky is now the limit,including a crash course of 12 working days in how to transform from an Andes Indian into a settler Jew
    The Ha’aretz newspaper’s weekend magazine of July 19 carried a cover story about 90 Indians from villages tucked far up in the remote mountains of Peru who had been converted to Judaism in Lima in a record two weeks. They were then flown to Israel where they were sent directly to two Israeli settlements on the West Bank, Alon Shvut and Karmei Tzur, where they will study in yeshivah and pray, at the state’s expense, for the messiah to arrive.

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