Shawarma Joint Picks Lamest Possible Name

shred: After all that time and BS and several thousand entries, did you see what the Shawarma spot named itself?
mobius: no
shred: Chickpea. That’s it. Just Chickpea. How very uncreative.
mobius: you got a link on that
shred: http://www.name-our-restaurant.com
mobius: lame
shred: How could they possibly think that Chickpea is a better name than Shawarma Chameleon?
mobius: haha

I love the interweb.

5 thoughts on “Shawarma Joint Picks Lamest Possible Name

  1. I tried to name that plave as did a few friends… I was pissed when I saw the name last nite on my way home. WEAK
    Roadmap to Chickpeas….that was my $2500 ticket

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