Shinui Protests Judaism?

Maariv reports that Shinui has issues with a program in which synagogues open at temporary locations to allow non-observant Jews to attend prayer services.

Under the framework of the project, synagogues open at 195 community centers and temporary locations during the High Holy Days in order to allow those who are not observant to attend prayer services during Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur.
Shinui has expressed fury over the project, arguing it is a state-run system that aims at turning citizens religious. According to Minister Katz, “Shinui is acting worst than the anti-Semites abroad when it lashes out against a project that is meant for teaching and guiding”. In response, Minister Poraz said, “A Jew can also be an anti-Semite”.

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2 thoughts on “Shinui Protests Judaism?

  1. My response to Shinui is: Isn’t it ‘horrible’ to turn citizens religious.
    The question I have is exactly how do you turn people religious, don’t they have to make that decision themselves.
    This seems like a great project to help Jews who may not have had much (or any) Jewish education to begin to reconnect with their roots. I can’t believe that goal is a bad things. The reconnection doesn’t mean they are going to become orthodox or ultra-orthodox suddenly, does it?

  2. silly shinui, isnt it time they changed? Come to my house for a lil bit of cholent bubbeleh, you aill never be the same,

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