12 thoughts on “Good lord!

  1. Kinda makes me glad to be a Jew. ( Also kinda makes me question the sanity of having gotten married a number of years ago.)
    Checked out he web-linked and found the discription that she has loads of positive disposition to be … nearly adult entertainment in quality. (Specially with several of the photos in the gallary right next to the comment.) : )

  2. She drafted the Dodge, or whatever you call it in yanktalk.
    Busha ve herpa!
    Still, given the whole shana tova & hatima tova thing, I’m in a more lenient mood now.
    She’s not all that remarkable either, there are many young Israeli women just as good looking as damsel Rafaeli (and better) who do their duty.

  3. So I’m going on vacation to Israel soon, do I have to pretend to be a Jew to get the girls?

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