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The Christian Broadcast Network is repeatedly airing a program starring former Sachnut (Jewish Agency for Israel) chief Sallai Meridor, Finance Minister Bibi Netanyahu, Deputy Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, along with the head of the JDC in Israel, Rabbi Yaakov Bleich of Kiev and Yechiel Eckstein, and old, sick Jews from the FSU. The co-stars are Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, Pat Boone and a host of evangelicals telling their flocks that the elderly Jews of the FSU are targets of rabid antisemites who are, essentially, coming to kill them in their beds.
Viewers are asked to send in $350 for every Jew so a one-way ticket to Israel could be bought for each one. Yesterday, Collette Avital’s committee announced that 1/3 of the Holocaust survivors in Israel are living below the poverty line and are in despair. No home care, no teeth, no glasses, no clean sheets to die on with dignity. Her committee deals with the misappropriation of Holocaust victims’ bank accounts by Bank Leumi, and there is also mention the government’s confiscation of the lands the victims owned in Israel–which all have to be handed back to the survivors, but won’t be anytime soon. The government is stonewalling. Zev Factor and Noach Flug, who head up the main survivor agencies in Israel and serve on the Claims Conference which distributes survivor restitution funds and payments to survivors in Israel through the Sachnut (Jewish Agency), say the situation is outrageous.
In the FSU food packages to survivors cost $25 a month (according to Amir Shaviv and Steve Schwager of the JDC, in the US–which lost millions of budget dollars due to cutbacks in grants from the UJC, from the US Government and a drop in donations). In Israel these same food packages cost upwards of $200 a month. Yet more than half a million children in Israel are going hungry, too.
1. How does the Prime Minister justify this campaign to bring old sick Jews to Israel, and where will he get the money to pay for a roof over their heads, their health care, food and funerals?
2. Televangicals are very effective at raising money, and we know they get millions upon millions of dollars from these programs. How is the money from this program being used by the Israeli agencies mentioned in the program, and why did the Finance Minister and Deputy Prime Minister participate?
3. In light of the health and death crisis facing the survivors, how does the Israeli government justify spending millions upon millions of Claims Conference dollars to send Jewish children to Auschwitz and pay for luxury cruises on the Mediterranean called the Exodus Floating Seminar? (People out there say that Auschwitz is not Judaism, and Judaism is not Auschwitz. Neither is Zionism Judaism, and Judaism Zionism, so that saying it makes them better Jews is problematical. What kind of Jews does it make is a better question.)
To our inquiry, the Prime Minister’s spokesman, David Baker, responded, “The Prime Minister’s office has no comment on this issue.”

14 thoughts on “Shoah Me The Money

  1. “How does the Prime Minister justify this campaign to bring old sick Jews to Israel?” is a rhetorical question, right? He’s a Likud PM; they’ll encourage immigration at all costs. Just look at the neo-Nazis that ended up in the IDF.

  2. how does the Israeli government justify spending millions upon millions of Claims Conference dollars to send Jewish children to Auschwitz
    This sounds a bit off-color.

  3. What the racist fears is not Israel; what the racist fears is one of them in his paper or on the school board or next door.
    This “350 per Jew” special or one like it was mentioned months earlier in the invaluable Cursor (with a striking graphic). Also there is a more regular half-hour infomercial with a white dove logo in the corner. The drive to shove up white numbers in Israel, to the extent of importing Eastern Europeans who aren’t even Jewish, does not need to be elaborated again here, nor does the infamously low rate at which reparations actually reach victims. The important thing to get people to understand that humiliations like Bibi (or Bernie Goldberg for that matter) do not represent Judaism.

  4. “The drive to shove up white numbers in Israel, to the extent of importing Eastern Europeans who aren’t even Jewish, does not need to be elaborated again here…”
    Oh, I think it does. I can’t wait to hear about it. (And how the Ethiopian airlifts fit into this theory…as a cover, I suppose?)

  5. Isn’t there something about that when the Mashiach comes we will be carried to Eretz Yisroel on the backs of our enemies? Reshit Zemichat Geulatenu anyone? Or am I just crazy? (Yeah you’re right… crazy) Oh well.

  6. c/o iaej: “Ethiopian Jews arrived in Israel with myriad obstacles hindering their successful absorption into Israeli society. Foremost among these obstacles are community members’ limited abilities to advocate on their own behalf for their social rights opposite the Israeli establishment.
    Over 75% of the 84,000 Ethiopian Jews now living in Israel left rural, agrarian environments and entered an urban, industrialized one. In Ethiopia, the culture and economy was that of a developing nation, and individuals possessed few skills marketable in a modern industrialized economy. This has resulted in severe inequalities between Ethiopian citizens and other citizens of Israel.
    Ethiopian citizens in Israel are often uninformed about the means for receiving their rights with regards to education, health care, fair employment practices and other vital services. Unfamiliar with Israeli bureaucracy and therefore unable to assert themselves, many Ethiopians simply do not adequately receive the basic social services due them as citizens of Israel. Cultural differences inherent to the Ethiopian Jewish immigrant experience therefore have, and continue to impede the successful absorption and integration of Ethiopian Jews into Israeli society.
    Over half of the Ethiopian population in Israel today is under the age of 19. Experience has taught us that Ethiopian immigrants succeed when resources are properly invested and the community is made a partner in the absorption process. However, the community’s skills in advocating for its rights are weak due to the same cultural issues that hinder absorption. By learning how to effectively assert their rights in Israel, Ethiopian Jews can become effective partners in their successful integration in Israel.”

  7. I am really disappointed in the reaction to my investigative report.
    You’re right, it’s off color to send hundreds of thousands of kids to auschwitz, but what the hell do you think March of the Living is and who the hell do you think pays for that unadulterated crap?
    Thank, folks, I am now convinced there is no point in trying to protect Holocaust survivors. It is clear You guys couldn’t care less either, because you are now so far off topic it is sickening.
    there is nothing like digression to take an important topic and twist it away from itself so that you can just ignore it.
    Your posts have nothing to do with the fact that the israeli government wants every Holocaust survivor, especially the poor ones, dead as soon as possible so that they can loot the claims conference.
    Killing a Holocaust survivor for Zionism’s bank account is perfectly ok with all of you. Not one of you protested that. Instead, let’s digress with a lie and paint about Israel as an aparthied country vis a vis the Ethiopians.
    Not one of you acknowledged Holocaust survivors’ contributions to building the land and or allowing them to get back what was stolen from them by the Israelis, who work hard to help them die quicker.
    I am convinced The state of Israel, will be destroyed not because of the arabs, but because of the lying and theiving and killing of the Jews by Jews and by idiots like the ones responding to my article.
    And if the Israeli government can kill the Holocaust survivors as quickly as possible, that makes them happier than ever, cause there’s a billion bucks they can grab for their treasury.
    How appropriate for me that the spamblocker password is suicide

  8. Um, Mobius, I only mentioned the Ethiopians to refute the idea that Israel was focused on importing white people (although to the mind {sic} of the conspiracy theorist, that may be proof).
    Oddly, though, the item you quoted seems completely against the idea that Israel is racist or a “white man’s world”. It’s a common sense evaluation of what happens to immigrants everywhere, especially from third world countries. Stop confusing “racism” with “negative things that happen to people who happen to be part of groups that have been discriminated against, but that would have occurred regardless of race”.

  9. I only mentioned the Ethiopians to refute the idea that Israel was focused on importing white people
    “How Israel Lost” is real conspiracy theory, coming as it does from a writer for that well-known Holocaust denying basement-printed Nazi fanzine, the New York Times. And one of its chief complaints is about elderly Polish barely-Jews who drive like you would expect them to, or Russians who just happen to be of military age, let in because Israel has such appreciation for their singing. Is Richard Ben Kramer lying? Is Mr Ben Kramer another psychopathetic and consistantly perfectly self-contradictory anti-Semite?
    Ethiopians can struggle their way in by being a kind of Sabbatini; white skin gets you in even if you’re not Jewish. This is equality? The airlift is somehow tipping the scales toward Mother Africa?! There are some other specials we’re not seeing asking for pledges for $350 for a Mitzrahi?

  10. White skin gets you in even if you’re not Jewish. You’re a bit confused about the easy-immigration criteria. Like Ireland’s, Israel’s involve having a Jewish grandparent.

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