12 thoughts on “Sinchas Torah

  1. The Chauffer joke is old. I told it to my Dad, and he looked at me like I was an idiot. They used to tell the joke with a black guy as the chauffer.
    But I digress… I actually laughed out loud when I was reading this in class today. Nothing like having a lecture theater of 200 turn and look at you for laughing at a teacher who was recounting a memory of failed public speaking. Especially when you repeat “Lap Dance” after you finish laughing.

  2. Prove this comic strip wrong!
    When it comes time to dance and do hakafot, dance and be happy! Don’t hang around on the wall and mingle. If you need help, a little ‘schnaps’ from the seniors never hurts.
    Chag sameach, and g’mar tov to all.

  3. Of course, the excessive consumption of alcohol on what is supposed to be a Torah-happiness holiday (hence the name Simhhat Torah and not “Simhhat Alcohol”), may actually lead some people to make not-well-thought-out decisions, and do things like imitate the cute dirty-minded cartoon robot. Which could lead to getting smacked upside the head by their local rabbi.
    So for all of you reading this blog in non-Israel places where it has not yet been Simhhat Torah, party responsibly! 😉
    PS: an anagram for “Harry Potter” is “e… Torah Party!”

  4. oh wait.. where’d that other A come from?
    I guess it comes out as… uh… eh… “e, Torah Prrty”?
    Torah so purrty!!!!
    sorry about that. 😛

  5. I think there is a line when dealing with Jewish humor and the Torah, and i belive it has been crossed. I have found Shabot funny in the past, but i found this one repulsive.

  6. yay shabot for crossing lines and pushing boundaries … revere torah but do not worship it! worship god instead!

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