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Sinister Subscription Services from the Jerusalem Post

I’m no fan of the Jerusalem Post. Never really have been. If you need an explaination, two words that should sum things up nicely are “Caroline Glick.” Caroline Glick is a right-wing ideologue of the worst variety, and the deputy managing editor of the Post, who, while emedded in Iraq, rushed to report that US troops had discovered a chemical weapons plant, though in fact, they had not. Glick, who, rumor has it, has been asked to work the night shift from home because none of her co-workers can stand to be in the same room with her, and, under whose editorship the Post continues to run rampant with typographical and factual errors, is regularly given a soap box in the editorial section of the paper to, for example, charge the American Jewish Left with Hamas’ victory.
So when the Post’s subscription department called me up one evening, pushing me to subscribe, I was reluctant to say the least. In fact, I must have said, “no thank you” and “not interested” two dozen times before hanging up. When they called back ten minutes later insisting they’d give me “an unbeatable deal” I finally caved just to get them to leave me the hell alone.
Big mistake. Two months later, after having my newspaper stolen two out of six days of the week, and having yet to receive a single copy of the Friday paper — which I told them would happen when I explained why I didn’t want to subscribe; and past the point of sheer infuriation with their op-ed pages and the likes of Caroline Glick — let alone the news section and its consistent inaccuracies and sins of omission; I decided to cancel, only to discover that I was locked into a three month committment (which no one told me when I subscribed) and that if I cancelled now, I would have to pay the full cover price for the two months I’d received, including the stolen papers.
I discovered this information during a phonecall I received three days after calling to cancel, because apparently, you’re not allowed to cancel your subscription without getting a call from a salesman who does everything in his power to dissaude you from cancelling. I feel like I’m dealing with AOL
So this one’s for you Jerusalem Post, and the strong-arm tactics with which you coerce subscriptions to your worthless rag of a newspaper:

I’d wipe my ass with your paper, but I think it’d be covered in more shit afterwards.
To be sure, I’ll be calling you again in a month to cancel.

8 thoughts on “Sinister Subscription Services from the Jerusalem Post

  1. There is a lesson here – don’t give your money to people you don’t like or don’t argee with.
    If people are hard-selling me anything -I tell them to F*CK OFF!
    If your product is really that good – it sells itself!

  2. “Caroline Glick is a right-wing ideologue of the worst variety”
    Hey, remember when you proudly stated how you suspected that America was behind the iraq hostage beheadings? Anyway, back to discussing ideologues!

  3. so what are you saying, mobi? you have no trouble spotting others who are ideologues, but are clueless to the fact that you’re an ideologue?

  4. She’s still editing even after Conrad Black was forced to sell? I thought a bunch of liberal investers were trying to get shares? Or was that just Jewsweek and and Israel Insider?

  5. I’m sorry I missed Mobius’ post about who is behind the ghastly beheadings; I’ve begun to look into this, recently, as I’ve noticed that hostages always seem to be wearing the orange garb of US prisoners.
    It’s quite likely that Rummy’s death squads and the British Blackwell mercenaries have totally merged. It seems like mercenary lynchings took place to open Falluja to the massive bombings (including the use of white phosphorus).
    And what was the time differential between the hideous Nick Berg beheading, and the release of a few of the Abu Ghraib torture photos, the ones that Rummy blamed on digital cameras?
    I finally broke down and watched the Berg beheading last week. The poor man was already dead when the masked savages decapitated him…

  6. As a junior member of the Elders of Zion (damn that “elders” thing!), I object to the above posting. It was me who personally ordered those events, not “Rummy”. Now excuse me while I take care of some other business. It seems some guy is spreading rumors that Jesus never died and eventually married…

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