London's First PunkPurim

Post-purim, technically, but Jewdas (who dey?) and Heeb are hosting a punkPurim gathering in Whitechapel’s Rampart space on Saturday night March 18th.
Apparently the Jewdas folk are bringing radical Yiddish-style culture back to the East End, and it looks like a cool night of live music (Ghettoplotz and Emunah), poetry from angry sam and adam cohen (he is way cool, and is, I think, the official Yahoo poet, if you knew ther was such a thing), radical torah from Jeremy schonfield and Simon Eder, film, VJ Miki Grahame (ghettoplotz as well as my friend), slides curated by Sarah maxwell (heeb magazine) and a deconstructive megilla from florian to boot.
You can’t say you’ll be bored. And it appears to be free to get in. Feels like now is a cool-n-funky time to be living in London.

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