So I Married A Shaygetz aka My Big Fat Jewish Wedding

Coinciding with the release of the new British comedy Suzie Gold, about a JAP (the “A” is for “Anglo”) who’s contemplating marrying her shaygetz boyfriend, The Guardian sent three Jewish women—and a non-Jewish boyfriend—to see the film, and to judge “whether it matched their experiences.”

Also check out SomethingJewish for thorough coverage of the film’s release, including photos from the premier.

One thought on “So I Married A Shaygetz aka My Big Fat Jewish Wedding

  1. I remember watching “Greek Wedding,” and just thinking about how closely it paralleled a common Jewish experience. What troubles me is how difficult it is to imagine a filmmaker or audience sticking up for the “other side.” Whether or not one has a problem with intermarriage, the fact is that “Love over all” is a value judgement in the same way that “Jews have a distinct role to play in this world” is a value judgement. But, only one of those value systems is ever really “valued” in such movies.

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