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  1. It’s Alice through the looking glass time, when Oren can call Carter an ‘anti-Christ’ while Rabbi Menachem Schmidt can meet with the idiot-boy (whose grandpappy helped fund Hitler) and call him a “mensch,” and a “lover of Israel.” [ http://www.jhp.org/enews.html ]
    Though I just got Carter’s book, I have read some of his articles about the book, and the attacks on him for writing it, in which he explains — over and over — that he is opposed to the OCCUPATION.
    Just as I can support the USA, while abhorring the murder of Iraq — and hating the slimemolds in the WH — I can support Israel, while abhorring the occupation.
    And, if Carter is, indeed, attempting to reach out to evangelicals, perhaps it is to let them know the occupation exists.
    Which they wouldn’t know, unless they read Ha’aretz.
    PS to Mr. Oren: Since it seems like you nit-picked your way to fill a column, here’s a tidbit — Truman’s middle name doesn’t have a period, because it is merely an initial.

  2. Iranian democratization advocate Amil Imani writes on the proud historic relationship between Persia (Iran) and the Jewish people.
    I don’t have any quarrel with IMani’s assertion that historically the Persians and jews have been allies; God willing we will be again, but did he really need to clothe it in all that vituperative name calling against the Arab Muslims? I rather doubt that the Muslims of Iran aren’t “really” Muslims, just as much as I doubt that Islam is a hatefilled religion whose intention is to exterminate the Jews. Just as the Persians inthe past got on better with Jews, so historically, Muslims and Jews often got along quite well, and God-willing, will again.
    Must all statements of support for Jews be at the expense of Muslims?

  3. “Just as the Persians inthe past got on better with Jews, so historically, Muslims and Jews often got along quite well, and God-willing, will again.”
    Spitting in the evangelical hand that is reached out to you,based on historical grievances, and extending it to your current enemies based on ancient favors. You sure know how to make friends.

  4. I just got an e telling me that jewschool mentioned me — how did I miss THIS?
    Gotta tell you, though, Mobius. I AM disappointed; I was hoping for a layout of the international conspiracy that goes into making a cup of coffee!

  5. Thanks for introducing me to Amil Imani.
    When it comes to globalization and international relations, it’s shocking, or more accurately, just plain depresing how myopic the Israeli, American Jewish, US Govert. (well, this isn’t shocking) policies are in relation to Iran.
    Unless the Democrats and moderate Republicans show serious cajones, the legacy of the Bush Administration will be the nuclearization of the Middle East with Sunni countries – esp. Egpyt and Saudi Arabia – going nuclear in response to the abject failure to contain Iran. If this isn’t reversed, we are likely to see nuclear war in the middle east and who thinks Israel will emerge unscathed? Iraq is a microcosm for the simmering explosions beneath the Sunni/Shiite confrontation.
    Flynt Leverett and Hillary Mann, two US Diplomatic experts on Iran, published an opinion in the NYX on the need for a complete overhaul and full engagement with Iran. If this doesn’t happen in the next two years, a domino effect – nuclearization – will increase and it will exacerbate everything.
    Since this is unlikely to happen, at least places like Jewschool are introducing us to voices in the wilderness like Imani. It’s up to the rest of us to promote more voices who value real Democratic values.

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