12 thoughts on “Speaking of Hot Israeli Chicks…

  1. Thanks for the picture. I’ve never been to Israel but I’d love to some day.
    I’ve also been enjoying reading this blog and everyones comments. Great website!

  2. Ariella,
    My only question is what was a guy called Usama doing standing in line for kosher chinese food? Oh and also has your lucky brother let you drive the porsche?

  3. Ummm… she is indeed really smokin’, but mad funny? I think you’re blinded by her beauty : )

  4. ck_dave (christ killer?) – I believe Usama was there cause the laws of Hallal and Kashrut are a bit similar… at least in forbidding pork. And no, my lucky brother is too far away (*tear*) for me to even SEE the porsche. Sad, no?

  5. ariela,
    mamash atsuv. the pic did look kinda tropical – or pacific, which is the next best place to the autobahn to drive a porsche (boxter?). i don’t even want to know how he won it, i am already mad envious…

  6. weird second online poker story i heard this week. my friends roomate makes his living from online poker…although i guess he is not doing as well as ariela’s brother. he is my friends roomate.

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