Spies Like Us

Back in May of last year, Ahmed Chalabi was charged with passing classified information to Iran. To make a long story short, the charges have been dropped, the judge who signed the search warrant for the raid of his house by Iraqi security forces and US troops has been fired, Chalabi was elected one of three deputy prime ministers in the new Iraqi government, and he was warmly greeted at the US Embassy’s Fourth of July celebration in Baghdad last month.
Today, two former AIPAC execs are about to be prosecuted for passing classified information to Israel.

12 thoughts on “Spies Like Us

  1. AIPAC deserves a drubbing over this issue. What is good for Israel is not always good fro the U.S.
    If AIPAC can’t understand that on their own, the U.S. government has a right to teach them this hard truth.
    It seems a good time to outlaw holding multiple passports. It sends the wrong message.

  2. That’
    s right David What’s good for Israel is not what’s good for the US.
    Hopefully foolish liberal Jews will learn from people like you the hard truth and not cooperate with the FBI and the state Department in this.
    Every country including the US has the potential of not liking Jews and treating them different than others.
    David I’m sure you are not Jewish and you’re posts are a wake-up call to us not to mislead even by the US government.

  3. What’s even more fun is that after Chalabi was charged with passing classified information to Iran the Bush Admin. denied ever really knowing the guy besides some sort of informal discussion! What they failed to mention is that he was the Admin’s TOP choice for next in line to RUN Iraq at the beginning of the War! This Administration kills me with their blatant lies and trickery.
    At the end of the film “control room” Samir Khader says something like “there is one thing that history has taught us, it’s that people have short memories…” and he is right.
    But with that said, i’m not willing to say “well chalabi go off, the AIPAC guys should get off”. The AIPAC guys broke US law and should be tried as doing such.

  4. Joe,
    In addition to questioning my status as a Jew, you wrote,
    “Hopefully foolish liberal Jews will learn from people like you the hard truth and not cooperate with the FBI and the state Department in this.”
    I don’t need to explain why many, many people are angry at Zionists. This call for subversion says it all.

  5. And I still questionn your status as a Jew- I notice you don’t deny. Its a shame if David is your real name that you should be named after our king.
    Since you like ‘the law’ I will tell you the law no one is obligated to assist law enforcement agencies. Since these agencies have shown bias vis a vis jewish vs other alleged ‘spies’ we should not assist them.

  6. without getting into the merits of cooperating or not with federal agencies (actually it might be required under the law), it is clear that some elements of the fbi/justice department hate jews and proisraelis. the “leak” to the aipac2 was a sting operation, supposedly giving them information that some israelis were about to be murdered – it would be awfully difficult for anyone not to pass that information along to the israeli government; and it’s not clear that the aipac2 even knew the information was classified (interesting legal question, since the information was untrue how could it be classified)? further, the life sentence for pollard is hugely disproportionate to the crime and much greater than any sentence given any other spy for a friendly country. fbi agents and us attorneys have a certain amount of autonomy, and some may well use it unfairly because of their biases. And also Caspar Weinberger, obviously hating his patial jewish ancestry (I keep saying marry jews and have jewish children, forget marrying non jews and ending up with psychologically difficult offspring) did his best to (untruthfully) paint Pollard as far worse that he was. So even in this generally fair, pro jewish country, there a few bad apples (including a few bad apple jews: robert novak, noam chomspky, finkelstein, etc.). Let’s work to isolate those bad apples.

  7. Dave, Joe is the resident Kahanists. You won’t get reason from him. Most have stopped trying. That he claims to speak for any Jews is a sad thing though. I actually question his Judaism. Playing the Kahanist would be an awful good sock puppet for a skinhead. Anyway, I wouldn’t want to meet the man to find out either way.

  8. on the issue of kachniks, can we really hate them as fellow jews? granted they’re morons and do vile things- are we not obligated to “ahavta larecha kamocha”?

  9. Dameocrat,
    Thanks for the heads up!
    On Chalabi, I think you have to give him credit – he is the greatest quaduple agent in our lifetimes, hands down. You can’t make this sh-t up. He conned the Neocons into conning the U.S. into war, then played the Sunnis and the shias, and of course the U.S. again, and the Neocons by “firing” a guy who met with the Israeli team – I think we have to recognize the great talent of this man.

  10. I believe David Kelsey is well known to Jewlicious readers. Not a good reputation at all. Check out his website! He will appreciate the traffic.

  11. avigreene I know the law- you are not required to help law-enforcement. You can’t lie to them but you don’t have to speak to them at all.
    When jews are singled out for worse punishment you SHOULD NOT cooperate – then their worse unfair punishment is on your head.
    Dameocrat is clearly a gentile T-Licking Jew who wouldn’t know Judaism if it hit him in the head.
    Kelsey is not Jewish and is clearly anti-Jewish.
    The biggest joke is that he had the name of our king David the KING of ZION!
    Then he says he doesn’t like zionists!
    The fool.

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