West Bansky "Bombs" The Barrier

Banksy, the UK street artist who recently earned repute for sneaking his own art onto the walls of several NYC art museums, paid a visit to the Occupied Territories last week, hitting up the separation barrier with a staggering display of artwork. Check out his interview with the Guardian here.
For larger views of the pics, check out the Guardian’s gallery as well as Wooster Collective, who broke the story.
For more on Banksy, check out “Art Attack” in the current issue of Wired.

11 thoughts on “West Bansky "Bombs" The Barrier

  1. Respect due to the man, pioneer, etc. But f*ck him nontheless. Banksy: “the segregation wall is a disgrace…the world’s most invasive and degrading structure…”
    Back to Bristol with that isht. The numbers don’t lie.
    · The number of “successful” Palestinian suicide bombings within Israel in 2004 was 76.3 percent less than those carried out in 2002, the year that construction on the fence began.
    · In 2004, the security fence helped Israel reduce by 44 percent the annual number of its citizens killed in terrorist attacks.

  2. The number of “successful” Palestinian suicide bombings dropped because of two reasons, none of which has to do with preventing Palestiniasn from entering ‘little’ Israel:
    1) the air force started firing hellfire missiles up terrorists head honchos. Since the leaders were forced into hiding, they had less time to plan and control their units,
    2) the fence sucks as a physical barrier, (the thousands of Palestinians that still cross the green line every day to work are proof of this) though it is an I N C R E D I B L E psychological tool. The Palestinians weren’t attacking out of despair, they were attacking out of strength. When the security fence started to go up, the despair began to set in that the sea-to-sea Palestine that they were promised will not be happening soon. Their will to fight is eroding. They are losing, until Sharon decided to retreat anyways.
    Anyways, I’m against the fence. The billions of shekels could’ve been saved if the government has taken a more uniting and patriotic stand instead of the run away from problems retreat stance.

  3. The issue with the fence being “invasive” has to do with where it is being built, mostly inside the West Bank, in occupied territory, where it separates thousands of farmers from their farms, children from their schools, sick people from hospitals, etc. When the fence was first proposed by Labor in 2002, it would have followed the Green Line, and that route got the Shabak seal of approval for safety. Citing how effective it has been is saving Israeli lives is meaningless, the fence would have been effective on the Green Line. The issue is about stealing more land — which just creates more hate and resentment.

  4. I’m against the fence also .I agree with josh about the billions of shekel’s….
    the artwork is nice….at least it gives a nicer look ….only for few moments…

  5. re: the artwork is nice….at least it gives a nicer look ….only for few moments…
    [Banksy also records on his website how an old Palestinian man said his painting made the wall look beautiful. Banksy thanked him, only to be told: “We don’t want it to be beautiful, we hate this wall. Go home.”]

  6. this guys is a douche bad. he obviously knows shit-all about the israel-“palestine” conflict and thinks its a “crime against humanity” or wateva.
    im against the fence too. there shouldnt be a need for one.

  7. a wall around people? arabs out? go back to czechoslovakia or whatever country country you came from. you’re holding 3 million people in bondage on their own land and you call yourself a democracy. you’re the only people buying your own shit. keep selling it, the gig is up. people can see right through you.

  8. I think more and more people are seeing through it, many more than those close to the issue seem to realize.

  9. avraham: what dont you understand? we r two enemies. we cant live together. u got that? next. we can withdraw from gaza or the west bank, cos then they will want more. we cant give them more cos israel is tiny. we will bring them closer to jerusalem and their kassam rockets will hit MAJOR CITIES.
    what kahane said 20 yrs ago was despised and was declared ‘extreme’. now, as anation we must protect ourselves. otherwise it will b the end of israel.
    more israelis r seeing that.
    with the help of HaShem he will rid us of this disgusting people seeking our demise

  10. no mike you dont get it. you sound like a german pre 1948. you’re a racist, and the attempt to remove a people from its land is called ethnic cleansing. the people you want removed have centuries of claim to that land. your ancestors come from europe or the united states, go there.

  11. avraham: first of all, u cant compare what im saying with what the germs said pre-45. its different. germans did it out of hate. the jews did not fire kassams at them, tehy were more german that the goyim ppl say. the germs disnt want us out. they wanted us dead.
    on the other hand, in israel we have arabs trying to infiltrate israeli settelements every day. they have shot over 5000 rokets at us. we r two enemies. enemies cant live together. otherwise we will b at war even more than we r now. if all the arabs were transferred to another country, one of their 22 arab countries, israelw ould be safer.
    u c, kahane said it out of security and ahavat yisrael, hitler y”s said it out of hate. their is a big difference

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