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Survey on Young Jews and the World — win a $500 American Airlines voucher

Want to be eligible to win a $500 American Airlines travel voucher?
A group of NYU Wagner students are surveying young Jews as part of our capstone project, and they need your help!
Please visit and complete our short, simple survey. Also, please forward this link to the survey to your friends, their friends, and your family. We want to reach as broad a sample as possible.
To learn more about NYU Wagner, and the capstone project in particular, visit
Thank you in advance for your help!

4 thoughts on “Survey on Young Jews and the World — win a $500 American Airlines voucher

  1. I just took this survey and it was a little ridiculous. It asked questions that even the most naive researcher would know were biased and strange. For example, the survey asks “17) Would you be interested in taking part in an international experience that introduces you to a new culture? (You know, travel and go places)”.
    Duh. Who is going to write anything other than “Very much”?
    If the point was just email mining… then maybe this little ad doesn’t have a place here on Jewschool?

  2. Another problem- when identifying where I’m from I can choose and state or a variety of continents, but there’s no option for The District of Columbia.
    Different surveys are conducted for different purposes, and while this one definitely isn’t scientific I’m sure the creators put a lot of thought into it. If you want any constructive criticism, though, I’m sure Jewschool readers can offer it!

  3. Hi,
    Can anyone give more information about who is making this survey and the purpose of it? I looked at the link about the capstone project but it is not related to this specific survey. I work for a Young Adult Jewish Organization so I’d like to help but I wouldn’t share this with friends or members of GesherCity without knowing more about it.

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