Temple Pool Discovered

JPost reports,

A pool that served as a main water reservoir for Jerusalem residents 2,000 years ago has been uncovered, the Antiquities Authority announced Wednesday.

The Pool of Siloam was uncovered last week by chance at the southern end of the City of David – in what today is Silwan – while the city was carrying out infrastructure work for a new sewage pipe.

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3 thoughts on “Temple Pool Discovered

  1. What’s the point of finding any proof of that Jews existed in ‘ancient’ Jerusalem if the government is vice-prime minister and royal highness Olmert is talking about giving away parts of Jerusalem and making them yudenrein? Mistakes happen to the disappointment of the current Likud leadership.
    If he’s only talking today about some neighbourhoods, we already know from past floated bubbles that everything is on the table.
    So I see this new pool as = Gaza. Why bother wasting resources on digging up a pool and guarding the site, when it’ll be given away anyway?

  2. Or maybe the land in a 500ft radius of the pool could be expropriated and turned into a small national park?

  3. Jerusalem is not part of the deal, according to official Israeli policy, so I wouldn’t worry about that too much right now.

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