10 thoughts on “That This "Scares Off" Nightmares Gives Me Nightmares

  1. But wait, where’s the sword of of the spirit? If I’ve got my Ephesians down, they’ve supplied the belt of truth, the breastplate of righteousness, the feet with readiness of peace, the shield of faith, and the helmet of salvation, but the sword of the spirit seems to be missing. Shouldn’t all good Christian children also go to bed with the sword of the spirit at their pillow?

  2. Did you laugh as hard as I did when you saw this picture? Is the shield a pillow and the helmet a pillow case?

  3. my children will be sleeping tonight in SACKY – yes, that’s right, the new sack-cloth sleeping bag! Perfect for the Elul season!

  4. As the saying goes , “with friends like these…”
    (and every one of this type of freak I meet “supports” Israel — enroute to rapture).

  5. I love how THE symbol which is supposed to represent piety, humility and “turning of the cheek” morality is the cross… people were NAILED to those things! Well according to the Da Vinci Code our symbol represents copulation. If you ask me ours is soo much cooler. but put them together and you have all the elements of a kick-ass blockbuster!

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