The New IDF

OK, folks, this is humor. That’s all I’m saying.
My chaver sent me to this website, I share with you the newest inductees to Israel’s military service:
The New IDF
A recent Israeli Supreme Court decision ruled that the deferment presently available to the Charedi community is no longer valid. In response to this decision, in an unprecedented show of solidarity, three hundred and fifty thousand members of the Charedi community gathered in Jerusalem.
In what is now being called a minor slip up, one of the leaders of the rally inadvertently read the part of the court ruling that repeated the Oath used to induct soldiers into the army. The entire gathering, assuming it was part of a new Sephardic tefilla, answered Amen and were duly sworn in as members of the IDF.
In keeping with the harmonious nature of Israeli politics, the IDF agreed that there will have to be a few accommodations made to incorporate this new fighting force into the army. The following is a list of proposed changes.
Because some of the new soldiers are used to davening at a later minyan, wake up time will need to be changed from 5:00 am until 9:00 am on Mondays and Thursdays and 9:15 on Sundays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays when there is no laining. Rosh Chodesh and Yom Tov reveille will be left to the discretion of the division commanders.
Black velvet steel reinforced yarmulkas will be standard issue. (White yarmulkas for Yerushalmis are available but without the tassle.) Chasidic soldiers will be required to wear olive green bekashas for dress conditions and camouflage bekashas under battle conditions. Kevlar tzizis are presently under development and will be made available when the engineers have resolved how many black stripes are required. Payos protectors are obtainable upon request and all soldiers will be issued the new light weight borselino combat helmet with flak protecting brim.
All new inductees will have the rank of captain. Rebbes with less than 10,000 chasidim will be Majors. Rebbes with more than 0,000 chasidim will be one star generals. Rebbes with 30,000 chasidim will be two star generals. Rebbes with 40,000 or more chasicism will be three star generals and get their own mikvah (a specially adapted humvee with a shvitz and a mikvah). Only live rebbes will be granted any rank.
Every soldier will be equipped with an M16 rifle with detachable compartments for both Rashi and Rabbeinu Tam tefillin. The standard issue gun belt with three hundred rounds of ammunition and two grenades can also double as a gartel. No soldier will be allowed his own tank until he passes the test, which consists of driving through Meah Shearim, stopping for a falafel, parking near Kikar Shabbat, all without hitting a stroller or the #1 bus. Nuclear weapons will be available on a first come first served basis.
Traning will begin every midmorning after the Daf Yomi shiur depending on how hard the blatt is (members of the Chofetz Chaim division will still not be required to learn more than two lines a day). Training will consist of the proper use of military equipment and tactics and will be taught in a mixture of Yiddish, Hebrew, and Aramaic (commonly referred to as Yeshivish). The instructors will be highly qualified personnel from Hesder Yeshivos who will attempt by Talmudic logic to teach the soldiers proper military procedures. Because most of the inductees never had to take any tests, all exams will be open book and the instructors will encourage the soldiers to discuss the questions with their chavrusas and come up with a consensus opinion. After
minchah and an afternoon nap, soldiers will be required to perform twenty minutes of strenuous exercise consisting of precision shukaling, bais medrash pacing, and minyan hopping. No smoking will be allowed during exercise periods.
All provisions will be required to have at least six reliable hechsharim and the star K. There will be separate kitchens for each different chasidish sect and every chicken will be walked around the camp and then schechted simultaneously by a minimim of three different schochtim. All the vegetables will be checked for bugs by an electron microscope, the milk will be yoshon, and the bread will be baked by a bas yisroel. Arbos and beer will be available every Shabbos and the division with the poorest performance record each week will be required to sponsor a cholent kiddush for the entire camp.
Because most of the provisions are acquired from Sheva Mile Makolet, no chometz will be available from a week before Purim until after Pesach.
Leave Policy:
All non-married personnel will be entitled to the standard yeshiva leave policy consisting of two days before the date to prepare, one day for the date, and one day to recover and be debriefed by his parents. All other soldiers will have regular leave every sixth Shabbos unless there is a tish that Friday night. Solders will be entitled to switch their weekend passes upon proof of severe hardship, or if their in-laws are visiting that Shabbos.
The barracks will be inspected every erev Shabbos and showers are required even if it is not Rosh Chodesh. A very comprehensive inspection will take place on the thirteenth of Nisan.
New recruits:
New recruits will be allowed to have their mothers assist in cleaning the barracks and with the laundry, but soldiers will still be required to field strip and maintain their own weapons.
Military police:
Once the troops have completed their training a special police force will be established, preferable from the Gur division. It will be their job to protect the Friday night cholent pot from marauding troops and to deal with rioting left-wingers who are protesting the charedi takeover of the army and the closing of theaters on Shabbos.
Tour of duty:
Soldiers will be expected to complete at least eight Mesechtas with Rashi and Tosefos and to fire six rounds of ammunition without injuring themselves. Officer training will require a working knowledge of Yoreh Daya, Choshen Mishpat, and the F16 Split Wing attack fighter. After active duty soldiers will have the option to report to the reserves for the two weeks prior to Pesach for refresher courses. In a further concession to the charedi community, Chief Justice Barak and the other justices have agreed to take up their Jewish education where they left off and are now attending third grade at a Chinuch Atzmoi school.
Moshiach will need an army. Come take your place among the few, the proud, the all Charedi army!
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