22 thoughts on “The Antichrist Will Be A Jewish Male

  1. SuprNova is dead now, so you’ll just have to google “SouthPark Torrents” but yeah… great episode. Totally retarded of course but it’s South Park – what did you expect?

  2. Can you all guess which current Israeli leader is the ‘antichrist’/moshiach ben yosef? Moshiach ben yosef, contrary to the rightful moshiach ben david, does not need to be religious, or righteous at all. History/destiny is unfolding in front of our eyes, just incredible.

  3. Hey, don’t go calling the Mashiahh ben Yoseif an “antichrist”! Antichrists are supposed to be evil demonic bad guys… i have never seen anything attributing any of those qualities to Mashiahh ben Yoseif. M.b.Y as far as i’ve always heard is just supposed to be a great leader who dies in apocalyptic battle, making way for the “real” mashiahh, Mashiahh ben David, to take over and usher in the messianic age.

  4. #1. suprnova is not offline. it’s working just fine for me. maybe the mirror you’re being redirected to from your u.s. ips aren’t working.
    #2. it’s un-fuckin-real because it’s about satanic forest critters and that shit is outrageous. outrageously funny — but outrageous nonetheless.

  5. This episode was brilliant. I have not laughed so hard in ages– baby mountain lions performing an anal abortion on an 8 year old Jew posessed by the antichrist/woodland critter messiah?! Wow. I’m guessing it’s drugs, because I don’t know how an unaffected mind can conjure a plot point like that.
    Blah blah blah you can say it’s anti-Semitic if you’d like, but it’s really not. Just Cartman is, and that’s why he’s Cartman.

  6. Anti-Semitism aside, I totally love Cartman. If and when I ever reproduce I’d like a kid just like Cartman… except maybe with not so much of a big fat ass. OK, maybe I’ll just call my first kid Cartman. Sweet!

  7. screw anti -semitisim alot of ppl dislike arabs Im talkin life altering news suprnova is down “may you find peace among the mourners of jerusalem” whats a man to do

  8. One of the funniest south park episodes ever!!
    I was just on suprnova yesterday morning, this is so crazy… what is this world coming to???

  9. Watched it this morning. Do a search for EFNET or TV Torrents and you’ll get some unreal download speeds. Remember to Port Forward.
    Great Episode!
    *”Blood Orgy”
    *”Yes, Satan, our Lord and Saviour”
    *”Chickadee-ee the Chickadee”

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