The Chosen Ho-bags

According to a survey of students at Tichon Hadash, “one of Tel Aviv’s most prestigious and yuppiest high schools,” 57% of female students have reported having “sexual relations” as opposed to 34% of the boys. A full 35% of the girls surveyd have fessed’ up to fuckin’, compared to only 17% of the boys.

Dayaaaamn. You know what that means—there be some lucky fellers up in that high school. Very naughty, but very lucky. Sheeeeit. 😉

6 thoughts on “The Chosen Ho-bags

  1. or some lucky guys in the bars not too far from the high school.
    most every girl i know who wassexually active before say, fifteen, was usually with guys 21-27

  2. Mobius you sound like an idiot!
    and you also sound like someone who didn’t get any himself.
    PS Thanks for clarifying your true self.

  3. mike–you sound like an obnoxious prick with no sense of humor.
    you gotta stand in awe of how many closedminded arrogant jews my website pisses off. it’s dumbfounding, really.

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