The Gender Shtender

  • JPost reports, “As liberal Judaism in Israel evolves, and whatever the theological and sociological differences between the Conservative and Reform movements, one thing is already clear: women are in the forefront, increasingly taking on leadership positions in communities and finding their place as pulpit rabbis throughout the country. […] More women in leadership roles also means greater egalitarianism ‘as a reality, not just an ideal,’ says [HUC’s Yehoyada] Amir. And no less importantly, ‘Women in the rabbinate bring a new kind of prayer and a new kind of theological discourse.'”
  • Also in JPost, a very balanced look at a reparative therapy program in Jerusalem.
  • From the JTA, a look at Irena Fayngold’s new documentary Hineini, which examines the struggles of gay and lesbian students in American Jewish day schools.

2 thoughts on “The Gender Shtender

  1. i am pretty sure that orthodox judaism doesnt have a place for gays in it…. but im not saying theres a problem with not being orthodox either……. i dont think gays will ever become as mainstream in jewish society as they are in the secular world…..

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