The Resurrection of Jewcy

So Jewsweek did a story on the Jewish blogosphere. Jewschool gets mentioned, but sort of gets short-shrift, and CK gets all the attention for a campaign I initiated and he was reluctant to sign on to. (No offense Dave, you know I love you. HUG!!!) But alas, what else could I expect from Jewsweek? We’re not exactly on speaking terms. They probably didn’t think I’d even say yes to an interview. Which I probably wouldn’t have. Sigh. I guess it helps when the author of the article is a former Jewlicious contributor, who now also happens to be the editor of Jewsweek. Sincerely, though, kol hakavod Alli.
I wrote something similar myself for my presentation at Rejewvenation. It’s a thorough examination of the Jewish web as we know it, and where I see things heading. You can read it here.
Anyhow, speaking of Jewsweek, Jewcy‘s finally back in action — standing on their own two feet — with their first major event in quite some time: A Chanukah fundraiser for Natan. Natan is a Jewish grantmaking organization which supports some of the most innovative projects in the Jewish community including JDub Records, Heeb Magazine, Storahtelling, Jews Rock, Brooklyn Jews, and many, many more.
With a line-up like this, at only $25 bucks a pop, this is an event totally worth shelling out for:

[Update] This just in: Perry Farrell will be DJing the event.

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