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The Israelis Have Spoken

Sharon.jpgIt is, perhaps, a lesson to all of us about the tragic nature of the human condition itself that the Great Men of Israel are frequently denied fulfillment of their respective legacies.  Moshe did not make it to the Land of Israel. Kind David did not witness the completion of the Temple.  And Ariel Sharon will not lead the disengagement out of much of the West Bank. 
But the Jews frequently take the visions of their greatest leaders to heart, and complete them on their own. 
Before his terrible series of strokes, Sharon outlined the blueprint for a bold new strategy.  Of course a partnership is preferred.  It is greatly preferred. 
But it is not mandatory for action. 
It seems important that the largest amount of votes for this Third Way came out of the pockets of the right-wing Likud, even more than the left. At the very least, many on the right did not feel comfortable voting for a platform their leader had rejected. 
The Israeli people have spoken.  We must support their decision. 

8 thoughts on “The Israelis Have Spoken

  1. Actually this was not the third ways night. Kadima didn’t win nearly as big as they said they had to win for a mandate, and they can’t do anything with out Labor, and this new Pensioners party. Neoliberal economics aka Netenyahu was utterly defeated. That is what I think of when I here the phrase “third way.”

  2. Dameocrat,
    Kadima did pretty darn well considering this is their first election, and they are without their leader. No party ever wins outright in Israel. Never. It never happened. A coalition is always necessary.

  3. Kadima didn’t do as well as expected, because people (moronically in my neoliberal opinion) switched to Labor. I’m actually a little conflicted as to the statement “Neoliberal economics aka Netenyahu was utterly defeated.” This is true why some people (who don’t know economics) left Likud. On the other hand, I read that most people who DID vote Likud voted for economics (and not security). Also, in Olmert’s speech last night he pointed out that Bibi’s economic policies were done IN SHARON’S CABINET and he said Bibi should be proud of them. Olmert is much more sympathetic to the neoliberal economic side than Peretz’s communism (… er… did I say that? I meant discredited socialist economics from a man who never spent a day in university).

  4. I won’t be suppoting the so-called Israeli people’s decision. I’ll be supporting MY PEOPLE over at Hadash, and my buddy Dov Khenin, newly elected on that list. And if that means opposing the government of Israel, why – that’s why it’s called democracy.
    American Jews – you can have a voice too! Israeli elections aren’t a mandate to shut up and salute the flag! If an Israeli government pursues racist occupation policies, then it deserves to be criticized and weakened as much as possible from this side of the Atlantic….

  5. Olmert is much more sympathetic to the neoliberal economic side than Peretz’s communism (… er… did I say that? I meant discredited socialist economics from a man who never spent a day in university)
    Apparently, Israeli economics departments like American ones teach that Western European Social Democracy is the same as Solviet Communism. Apparently they also fail to discuss neoliberalsims failure in Latin America. This is more miseducation than education. It is true that it was chicken shit of Olmert and Sharon to blame Bibi, but they did.

  6. Charles, I second that right to criticize the Israeli government. Because when Olmewrt continues retreated from land with nothing in return, you just know that the Jew overseas will be forced to succumb to pressure as well.
    Israel with a Kadima government is a bad sign for world Jewry. Olmert himself admitted that the Jews are a tired people. He’s going to be kicked out soon anyway. Multiple investifations by the Israeli state prosecutor are already building cases. Then we get Peres again.
    Please pray for the welfare of Jewish people everywhere.

  7. Charles and Josh,
    Obviously you both understand the situation better than most Israelis. I do not. I am not a citizen of Israel, and do not live there. I will watch, discuss, and try to understand. Unlike both of you, I will not hold the citizens of Israel in contempt.

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