The Jews Have Poisoned the Wells

Sometimes I feel like a history of anti-semitism reads like variations on a theme.

“Beware of Israeli melons infected with AIDS arriving in Saudi Arabia!” is the latest rumor being spread throughout Saudi Arabia like a wildfire.
An SMS message being sent around the country this week said, “The Saudi Interior Ministry warns its citizens of a truck loaded with AIDS infected melons that Israel brought into the country via a ‘ground corridor.'”
The Interior Minister’s spokesman General Mansour al Turki responded to news of the message and made it clear to a-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper that the Ministry “did not issue any such announcement. This is just a rumor.”

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2 thoughts on “The Jews Have Poisoned the Wells

  1. Oh bugger the buggering Saudis, man. I realize that this betrays me as a typical Pakistani in my anti-Saudi stance and is also fairly hypocritical since all kinds of ignorant anti-Semitic stuff goes on right in front of me every day in Pakistan – but how amazingly, willfully, stupidly ignorant can you get? You can’t give AIDS to melons! That alone should be enough to dismiss this tripe, even if you’re not willing to let go of the notion that the State of Israel is an arm of Satan. It’s amazing what people will believe – in the early 90s, the clerics in mosques all over Pakistan were encouraging their flocks to refuse iodized salt because it was actually a secret government conspiracy to make men infertile/impotent.
    Please excuse the vitriol: hateful AND stupid is my least favourite combination, especially when it comes from “my people”.

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