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The Retribution of G-d or 365 Nights of Steak Dinner Yearly?

Reuven “I didn’t say Katrina was punishment for Gush Katif, I just promoted the view” Koret clearly can’t wait to put Arik in his grave. He has already pronounced him dead on Israel Insider.
And now for yesterday’s most frequently e-mailed news story: Mouthpiece of the Christian Right, Pat Robertson, who gives a brilliant performance in the film Spin (which I truly recommend viewing), says G-d is punishing Sharon for dividing the land of Israel.
Yes, Pat it’s so obvious. Sharon’s lifestyle has in no way contributed to the deterioration of his health. It’s perfectly healthy to eat babies. Jonathan Swift was into it, and, coincidentally enough, he too died at 78!
“I ate a baby! Get in mah belly!”
Sorry, sorry. That was crude. But really, sincerely, here’s hopin’ Arik pulls through. His political career, for certain, is over. Nonetheless, I’d love to see him survive just to shut these jerks up.

10 thoughts on “The Retribution of G-d or 365 Nights of Steak Dinner Yearly?

  1. This reminds me of Rabbi Moshe Feinstein’s funeral in Israel in 1986. Some self-righteous character was going on about how R’ Moshe passed away due to all of our sins. I pointed out that the average lifespan for an American man at the time was about 74 (no doubt less for someone who spent the first half of his life in Eastern Europe) and that R’ Moshe had lived to 91. Therefore, by this guy’s own logic, it was the great merits of the New York Jews (yeah, I could have said all Jews, but saying New York Jews was more fun) that kept him alive for his last 17 years. For some reason the guy didn’t buy it.
    Memo to all of the people out there who think they understand Divine reward and punishment in this world: you have no clue. And you do severe harm to the prestige of your religion when you open your mouth and pretend to know what you don’t. So do us all a favor and shut up.
    Refuah sheleimah to Ariel Sharon. If he can’t recover enough to continue his work, at least let him have a few more years to play with his grandchildren. His lifetime of service and personal risk in the cause of protecting everyone else’s grandchildren should merit him that. For those of you still stung by the Gaza disengagement, remember that a mistake is not a crime or a sin.

    Jan. 6, 2006 0:26 | Updated Jan. 6, 2006 8:51
    Extremists boast they cursed Sharon
    Far-right activists took credit Thursday for the severe deterioration in Ariel Sharon’s health, claiming that a pulsa denura – Aramaic for “lashes of fire” – death curse they instigated against the prime minister in July was the real catalyst behind his current state of health.
    “I take full responsibility for what happened,” far-right activist Baruch Ben-Yosef, one of the participants at the July pulsa denura, told The Jerusalem Post. “Our pulsa denura kicked in. Nothing could kill Sharon and he said his ancestors lived until they over 100 years old but we got him with the pulsa denura.”
    On Wednesday night, Ben-Yosef and additional far-right activists gathered in the Samaria settlement of Kfar Tapuah to honor Binyamin Kahane – son of Meir Kahane – and his wife Talya who were murdered by Palestinian terrorists exactly five years ago. Upon hearing the news of Sharon’s stroke, Ben-Yosef said, the group broke out in song and dance and celebrated the prime minister’s fall throughout the night. […]

  3. We ARE talking about Pat Robertson, right? This is the same guy who told Dover, PA not to pray to G-d if they get hit by a natural disaster because they left him.
    I don’t know what’s more ridiculous, that someone would claim to use a death curse, or that they would celebrate that someone is dying.

  4. J,
    For those of you still stung by the Gaza disengagement, remember that a mistake is not a crime or a sin.
    But I thought you said:
    Memo to all of the people out there who think they understand Divine reward and punishment in this world: you have no clue.
    So leaving Gush Katif and effectively having the synagogues and yeshivot there get destroyed but especially not even complaining about it or sending the army back in to save Jewish sites, is not a sin?

  5. Synagogues with no Torah scrolls and no siddurs and no Jews and no mezzuzahs are no longer synagogues. They are empty buildings. Get a grip josh.

  6. I just want to confirm: throughout his professional career Arik carried a shaker of his favorite seasonings in his briefcase, so that he could eat his meat just the way he liked it when on the road. This is the truth.
    On the other hand, his stomach may have begun with the abdominal wounds he suffered in 1948; that can really blow your muscle tone.
    Also, I have some experience of Olmert personally and he is very bright and resilient. If you accepted Arik, you should get behind Ehud.

  7. Josh-
    No contradiction. I complained about people who pretend to understand Divine reward and punishment in this world. This has nothing to do with trying to understand, and taking positions on, right and wrong, which I believe is necessary and obligatory for all adults of sound mind of any or no religion.
    As for the synagogues, what CK said (love your site!); and even if that weren’t so, I wouldn’t necessarily blame Sharon for every unfortunate effect of his general policy.

  8. J, just a quick note: I would appreciate if you would use a valid e-mail address when you post. While I understand the desire for anonyminity, I would prefer if there were a way I could contact you if necessary. This goes for everyone, really…

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