Trudgin' Away

Welp, that looks better. Thank G-d. Still crazy amounts of work to do. Just began to put a dent in the blogroll and only a few of the top-navigation links are up-and-running.
Hope you like the dizzign. Er, design. But when you vote for us next week in the Jewish & Israel Blog Awards, keep in mind all the other sexy-ass designs we dropped last year, including Chomsky vs. Kook, our special Pesach layout, and of course, everyone’s favorite — the rainbow of Jewish personalities. This particular layout was inspired, in part, by Shmoo. Can you identify the symbols of all 12 tribes of Israel?
Super big-ups to Ari of JRants & Frumsky for his unquantifiable help. (Is that a word? Well, perhaps now it is.)
More to come post-Shabbat.
Anyone wanna volunteer to help categorize over 3,000 posts?
PS. Comment moderation is on til further notice. If your comments don’t appear within 12 hours of posting (during Shabbat being the exception of course) it probably means you were being a prick.

5 thoughts on “Trudgin' Away

  1. Personally, I liked the pop-up comments boxes better. I also think that mess of images on the right hand side is ugly and a waste of space. But that’s just one Jew’s opinion.

  2. hella tight, m0b. seriously. now if you wanna throw in a golden gate bridge…mmmmm…
    i hereby volunteer to help you in about, um, 10 days? me, you, a wifi cafe?

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