The Secret Chief: LSD and the Torah

Myron J. Zolaroff documents the psychedelic journey of Leo Ziff:

I knew someone who was interested in these materials. I was talking to him and asked him if he knew anyone who was willing to give me a trip. He says yes, he knew where I could get a trip and he told me about a fellow who was doing this work. This guy arranged one for me with him and his wife. So I went over there and had a trip. Didn’t have much; didn’t take much. I get a full trip out of 100 micrograms acid. They gave me the acid, and I took it, and — nice circumstances, very pleasant, secure. Then I start to turn on. I lay down on a kind of divan that they have there and we played some music and as I r eally started to turn on, they started to turn on.
I remember that the first thing I said was, “Why can’t it be like this always?” It was a very deep, emotional trip. He asked me to bring some things along that were important to me, and I brought my Torah. I have my own Torah in its ark. Someplace along the line he was playing Kol Nidre, I think. He laid the Torah across my chest and I immediately went into the lap of God. He and I were One. That was — (feeling strong emotion). I can’t remember all the different things. What happened was another thing I said out loud — he copied down what I said out loud — I use tape recordings to catch what people say — I said, “Jacob, if ever again you are frightened you deserve the pain of the fear because you will have forgotten that God is with you and protecting you all the time.”

From The Secret Chief Revealed (c/o Jahfiltefish)

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