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The Thin Line between Anti-Israel and Anti-Semitic

The line between honest political criticism and virulent anti-Semitic hatred is becoming increasingly blurred, especially in Europe. From Spain’s PM Jorge Luis Rodriguez Zapatero’s ill-timed kaffiyeh to what Iran is calling “daily” protests in Belgium, anti-Israel sentiment is not only in vogue, it is the current intellectual haute couture. However, increasingly, anti-Israel sentiments and anti-Zionism’s acceptance in the media has now allowed even the most ugly of anti-Semites to come out into the open and say what they really feel. Ad absurdum.
New Zealand’s StuffNews gives the disturbing blurb:

The leader of German’s extreme right NPD party was detained yesterday, together with scores of other party supporters, for chanting anti-Israeli slogans. A police spokesman in northwestern town of Verden said 40 people, including the NPD’s leader Udo Voigt, were briefly held under a German law against incitement of the people.
The crime can carry a penalty of up to five years in prison and is used, amongst other things, to prosecute Holocaust deniers. The NPD said in a statement its party members were accused of chanting “Israel – international genocide centre.”

For those of you who didn’t know, the NPD is the German National Democratic Party. It got 25% of the first-time voters’ popular vote in the Eastern German province of Saxony. Mr. Voigt is famous for quotes such as these, which are from his interview with the White Nationalist self-dubbed “fanzine”, Final Conflict:

“Using the Nuremberg Trials as a basis, the phenomenon of the Third Reich is reduced to one of purely criminal causes. In Germany today, there is a man, Herr Reemtsma…who has reserved to himself the right to portray the glorious Wehrmacht in a kind of Hollywood cliché. One day, the history books of this Republic will have to be rewritten in this respect.”
“The so-called ‘liberation’ of Germany on May 8th 1945 cost the lives of another 3,000,000 Germans in the post-war period; Germany lost a third of her territory to Soviet, Czech and Polish Communists; and the victors staged a Court of Revenge in Nuremberg. It was the belief of this ‘court’ that crimes had only been committed by the Germans during the war.”

And you can make your own inferences regarding the “Third Power” that the NDP wants to form.
It behooves every Jew to watch the new European anti-Zionism — in this writer’s opinion, a sort of twisted lovechild of al-Qa’ida and the SS — as it is perhaps more dangerous than its Middle Eastern counterpart. For as we all know too well, from the centers of culture and “progressive thinking” can come the worst of tragedies and disasters.

7 thoughts on “The Thin Line between Anti-Israel and Anti-Semitic

  1. That thin line is going to get much thinner, if people get arrested for holding ‘anti-Israel’ demonstrations. Or, if Zapatero is called an anti-semite for wearing a keffiyeh (some of my Israeli friends — Jewish, of course — also do this during demonstrations). Or, if a caller tells Randi Rhodes she’s an anti-semite, because she says that Israel is taking its orders from the crazed Cheneyacs in the US. What is the difference between a demonstration against US policies, and a demonstration against Israel’s policies? Especially since Israel’s policies seem more and more to come from US American folk. . ‘Clean Break’ is a virulent attack on Labor Zionism; that’s much more anti-semitic, than wearing a keffiyeh. Most of the chickenhawk signators have made money off the Iraqi invasion.
    I wonder if they will also be making a fortune as the Israeli military cemeteries quickly fill up.
    Why were the bowels of hell perforated within a couple of weeks of Bibi hanging out with the Dick Cheney, and Rummy?
    Why are idiot-boy bush and birth fangs rice deciding on WHEN Israel will have a cease-fire (besides idiot-boy being ‘the decider’)?
    (By the way, I think that wearing a keffiyeh is much less ‘anti-semitic’ than ‘standing by Israel’ because the candidates are thinking ‘rich Jews!’)

  2. Not that I disagree, or have any opinion worth saying but:
    The quote from “Final Conflict” is fairly mellow. If that is the most horrible example of anti-semitism you can find from NPD, I’m not impressed. And I don’t see anywhere in that quote a mention of forming a new power — maybe I’m misreading it, or you quoted the wrong place by accident.

  3. Has there ever been a time when anti-semitism wasn’t in vogue? I’m waiting for the vatican to begin importing lions and having a show with us in the coliseums again. I don’t think the world would see it as anti-semitic. They’d be too busy blaming us for the lions being hungry. :]

  4. Y-Love,
    I don’t think we are going to be able to do too much by calling for sensitivity when we are perceived as invading and destroying another country. That isn’t how I see it (though this is happening), but that is how many on the Left will see it. As really weird and telling. We are worried about names and stereotypes instead of stopping the bombings of civilian populations.
    Particularly if that’s how they want to see it.

  5. Y-love,
    Where do you live in Europe that you are experiencing this upsurge in anti-Semitism?

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