The Vort – Lech Lecha – Be the Blessing

What would you do if you were suddenly given the power to transmit God’s blessing to the world?
In this week’s parasha, Lech Lecha, God says to Avram:
“And I will make you into a great nation, and I will bless you, and I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing… And all the peoples of the earth will be blessed through you.”
Rashi explains this enigmatic verse as follows – until now, I, God, have been the sole source of life and blessing for the world. I blessed Adam, I blessed Noah, and it was good. But it all came from me and it’s time for a change. Here, the blessings are in your hands. You are now the source. You have the power.¬†
But how? Flash forward a few chapters. Genesis 18:19 – God makes it explicitly clear how Avraham is going to be a blessing to the peoples of the world. It will be through his children, for they will “protect the way of God and do righteousness and justice.” V’shamru derech Hashem, la’asot tzedaka u’mishpat.
Folks, we’re those children. We who believe in a force that somehow unifies creation and calls on us to sanctify and improve the world, we are those descendants of Abraham named explicitly in that verse. In the 25th chapter of the midrash Tanna D’bei Eliyahu, it says “every person is obligated to say – when will my deeds reach those of Avraham?” We are the ones we (plus God, and the world) have been waiting for. To be shomrim (guards) of tzedek (justice) and mishpat (law) is our task. Chessed (loving-kindness), rachamim (compassion), and the courage to pursue tzedek are our tools. May we be blessed to blessings. Shabbat shalom.

One thought on “The Vort – Lech Lecha – Be the Blessing

  1. God blesses, and tells Avram (and therefore all of us)to be a blessing but the only cursing is to be done by God. To me, this is a call to nonviolence.

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