The Worst Kind

Unlike most Israeli politicians, Yossi Sarid has the courage to say that the soldiers who died in Gaza, died for nothing. On the other hand, he often mentions that he does not support refusal of any kind.

Sarid believes that the soldiers in Gaza died for nothing, but also that they should have been there anyway. I think the moral implications are obvious. A hiltsener tsung zol er bakumn.

8 thoughts on “The Worst Kind

  1. thus editorializes asaf, who fled his country, and now criticizes her actions from the comforts of the usa. aint life grand!

  2. ohhhh right, i totally forgot. Moral judgement is limited your geographical placement.
    Please dont get me started with analogies.

  3. Yosi Sarid believes that the soldiers died for nothin but also that they didnt have a right to refuse and get out of that horrible situation (even for the sake of their own life!). SO basically sarid does not see it legitimate for a soldier to save his life from an unnecessary risk.

  4. A hiltsener tsung zol er bakumn Er, for those of us who are neither Hasidim nor Ashkenazi 80-year-olds, what … ?

  5. long time reader… first time poster… a hiltsener tsung zol er bakumn – He should grow a wooden tongue …

  6. On the tactical and communal grounds I disagree with you Asaf, and strangely support Sarid’s stance. When soldiers disobey commands are a huge break in discipline, and discipline saves lives during combat. You the individual may not know why you are totaled to “take a hill at all costs” but the ten men who die taking that hill may save a thousand lives from enemy artillery. Your choice Asaf, especially when you state it as you did above “to save his [your own] life from an unnecessary risk” illustrates two things: One, you were looking out for Number 1, yourself. And Two, that you don’t understand, or choose to ignore, fundamental military doctrine: do what your superiors tell you. If you had serious objections to what the IDF was doing, why did you join? I’ve met a number of people who left Israel before they were conscripted. Better to not be in at all, then be in and disobey an order.

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