Theater Bris NYC

After an amazing sold-out debut in Baltimore, Yishai Freedman and Itta Chana Englander are kicking off their as-yet-unnamed shomer shabbat theater company this Sunday in NYC:
10 Plays in 90 Minutes: A One-Page Play Festival
6 pm
The Chabad Loft
182 5th Ave. (between 2nd and 23rd)
2nd floor
Cost: $5
Info: Yishai Freedman, [email protected]
This noble effort is co-sponsored by Jewschool and

One thought on “Theater Bris NYC

  1. Sorry to post in this item as this isn’t related… but I just wanted to comment that I LOVE the graphic down the right hand side of the site. It’s fantastic. I’ve only started checking out the site recently, but for some reason I just saw this. There’s not enough cool Jewish imagery in the world. But this is a good step in the right direction. 🙂

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