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"There is no pro-Israel candidate" and other Middle East mishegaas

3 thoughts on “"There is no pro-Israel candidate" and other Middle East mishegaas

  1. how is rosenblatt’s editorial “superbly insightful?” what sort of lefty jewish blog is this anymore? unless your comment was sarcastic, and i just didn’t get it…
    rosenblatt implies that the only distinctive israel policy was giuliani, the hawk of the hawks! he then goes on to level mccain’s, obama’s and clinton’s policies into one weak, moderately pro-israel/pro-palestinian puddle.
    his piece is NOT arguing for an end to allowing israel to be the deciding issue for jewish voting. he is merely noting that no one this election is pro-israel enough for him, so no one is worth considering in that realm, so it’s best not to vote based on israel for THIS ELECTION. a revolutionary statement it was not, and definitely not superb.

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