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They say things come in threes…

Unrelated events, except for my strong reaction to all of them.
Gov. Bill Richardson negotiates a cease fire in Darfur. I have my own favorite in the Presidential race of 08 but if he runs, he’s a welcome addition to the field.
2nd Avenue Deli may reopen… between Third and Lex? Ah well, I’ll take it… so long as they honor their agreement with the good workers from local 100.
And the third one, which is most disturbing… during the Escalator’s speech last night, US forces stormed an Iranian consulate, took away computers, files and six staff members. I’m no fan of the current regime in Iran, but some folks could certain see attacking a country’s consulate on third party soil as an act of war. It’s a good thing the Escalator is owning up to his “mistakes”.

One thought on “They say things come in threes…

  1. wow so the US stormed the Iranian embassy and kidnapped the workers, how quaint.. everything old is new again, only now America has erased whatever sliver of high ground it ever had

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