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This kid is freaking brilliant

The Breaking the Silence video blog is up and running with responses from folks who’ve seen the exhibit in Philly and Boston. Most of the videos collected can be summarized as “Gee, wouldn’t peace be nice” or “Wow, these soldiers are really courageous” or “You all a bunch of propogandists.” (Ha!) The dozen most eloquent folks have been posted so far, but this 15-year-old kid just blew me away.
This video was entirely extemporaneous after a 30-minute tour of the exhibit the IDF veteran on hand. There was no practice; I shit you not. (The sound is very low; you’ll have to turn up the speakers to hear him.)

I’m not voting for Obama anymore — I want this kid for president.

3 thoughts on “This kid is freaking brilliant

  1. Nice job with the video blog. It adds a whole other dimension to the exhibit to see the varied responses to it. I just saw the exhibit today, and I strongly recommend that anyone in the Boston area take a few mins to see it. Its really well done. Complex, powerful, honest and strangely intimate.

  2. This is an articulate kid, but, KFJ, is he exactly an expert on what Israelis go through in the army, or how the occupation affects Israeli society?
    If all Israelis who serve had the same thought/emotions as those in Breaking the Silence, would political parties like Meretz not receive more than 5-6 seats every election?

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