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As some of you may know, I’m pretty much living on charity these days — I have a fellowship n’ whatnot, but I’m not really working much, and well, being in Israel, money’s kinda tight. So, I’m here to stick my hand out and ask that, if you’re a big fan of Jewschool, and you use the hell out of the site like I know a lot of you do, if you can throw $5, $10, whatever you can to help cover the costs of the server (which is roughly $160 month) I’d appreciate it greatly.

Here’s some incentive… Coming soon: Mobius teams with Heeb‘s Jenn Bleyer for the online relaunch of Mazal Tov Cocktail, a Jewish punk/radical ‘zine.

Also consider taking out an ad on Jewschool. They’re only $20/mo, $15/2 weeks, $10/1 week. Oh, and if you’re looking for webhosting, we’re only $12/mo or $120/yr and offer an array of quality services.

Sorry to bug ya.

10 thoughts on “Throw Some Love On Us

  1. mob – why’s your server so expensive? i can hook you up with probably a MUCH better deal, even if you are hosting 92 websites on it. i host my 2 clothing sites, and 5 other domains, for less than 30 a month.

  2. i have a p4 w/80 gigs of hd space, 512 mb ram, plesk with all sorts of add-ons, nightly backups, 24 hr tech support, server monitoring, etc. i’m hosting well over 100 websites at this point, tho too few are paying … the price is right, the money i’m making isn’t

  3. For what its worth, my clients put up a banner ad on jewschool and are very pleased with the results. I mean at that price, who’s gonna complain? I would have put on another one for our hosting company – but like would that be cool? Lemme know!

  4. no offense taken moby. that’s why i asked!
    but like I said, Jewschool is a great advertising venue and I encourage my clients as well as everybody else out there to advertise. It’s not even a rachmonas thing.
    it makes good business sense.

  5. Is there some sort of fundraiser people can do locally. Whether selling t-shirts, hosting an open mic, or making a stump speach at Temple asking for funds, I am sure all of us can do something to build Jewschool. How can we organize this? Daniel?

  6. btw, not that I meant to… but I guess speach spelled with an “ea” as opposed to “ee” is a cute way of speaching. To woo all of the wonderful Jewish mothers and fathers up in the schul to open up their pocket books because cute little Jewish boys and girl are becoming engaged politically. “Oh, how very exciting. They would make a perfect match.”

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