Upcoming Conference on Antisemitism & The Left

On August 21-23 at the Downtown Marriot in Oakland, California, Catalyst to Coalition will be holding a progressives’ conference on antisemitism and the Left for scholars and activists. Speakers include Ahmed Nassef of MuslimWakeUp!, Cherie Brown of the National Coalition Building Institute, Julia Caplan of Jewish Voice for Peace, and many more.

The conference will offer workshops such as:

  • Youth Activism & Jewish Pride
  • Is the Bush-Cheney War Machine Benefiting from Anti-Semitism in The Left?
  • Connecting Anti-Jewish, Anti-Muslim and Anti-Arab Attacks Post 9/11
  • Radical Anarchist Zionists Unite
  • Internalized Anti-Semitism among Jewish Activists
  • People of Color Unite Against Anti-Semitism
  • Write Your “Family Story” on Anti-Semitism

Registration is $250. (c/o Arthur)

Aw man, I so don’t want to miss that fourth one. If someone goes, can they record it for me?

Here’s an article about the event from j. And on a related note, here’s a speech given by Don Feder at Hampshire College <sarcasm>a bastion of pro-Israelism if ever there was one</sarcasm> entitled, “Why The Left Hates Israel.”

8 thoughts on “Upcoming Conference on Antisemitism & The Left

  1. After graduating from UC Berkeley in 2002, i find this conference to interesting. The level of anti-semitism in progressive circles is nearly as bad as within the racist right. What is especially insipid about progressive anti-semitism is the denial – “we’re anti-racist so we can’t be anti-semitic.” Um, bullshit.
    Jewish anti-zionists have made a deal with the devil by joining forces with the progressive/marxist/hard left communities. They can spin and deny it all they want, but those of us who have lived in the Bay Area and gone to schools such as Berkeley where we were in the middle of it know better.

  2. A bastion of anti-Semtism is more like it. I flunked a class there because they held the final on a High Holiday. They wouldn’t let me make it up. They told me in advance if i wasn’t there i failed. The prof (Ken Burn’s wife) was Jewish too. She said the admin was ok, said they didn’t think the students would care. The admin making the decisions, Jewish as well. You looney lefties would love it, lectures by Said, Eqbal Ahmad, Chomsky, Lerner and Coffeecup annan. And those were the only mid east lectures no dissenting opinions please, we’re the bourgeois academia.

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