Too Much To Blog, Not Enough Time

  • Experts agree: Bush’s Iraq war plan has jeopardized Israel’s security. Just imagine what attacking Iran will do…
  • Following a wave of scandals which have rocked the political establishment here, Israel’s Accountant General has proclaimed Israel to be the most corrupt country in the West.
  • Israeli settlements have grown by 5.2% in the last year, with 12,400 new settlers having moved to the West Bank. The hareidi town of Modi’in Ilit has also now outpaced Ma’aleh Adumim as the biggest settlement in the territories.
  • Israeli PM Ehud Olmert responded to the video of an Orthodox settler in Tel Rumeida calling her Palestinian neighbor a whore, shown here on Jewschool last week, saying, “I saw it and I was simply ashamed. This is evil and provocation for its own sake.”
  • United for Peace and Justice, the largest anti-war group in the US, has organized a rally against the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories, slated for June 10.
  • The JTA reports that the new Democratic congress is even more pro-Israel than its predecessors.
  • The Phoenix reports on Mitt Romney’s attempts to pander to the Jewish community.
  • The Neturei Karta member whose photographed kiss with Ahmadinejad quickly made its way around the world returned home from Iran to find that his wife had left him.
  • Rabbi Daniel Lapin has called for the Christian Right to go to war against American secularists.
  • The JTA checks in with Heschel at 100.

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