Too much to blog, not enough time

  • “According to a legal memorandum filed by the Jewish organization AMCHA, the trial of two former AIPAC lobbyists, Steve Rosen and Keith Weissman, could have an impact similar to that the Dreyfus affair had in 19th century France if it is held behind closed doors.”
  • Handel’s “Messiah” was a big f* you to the Jews.
  • Antisemitic attacks have sharply increased world wide since 2000, reaching nearly 600 incidents last year.
  • Slain journalist Daniel Pearl will have his name added to a Holocaust memorial in Miami.
  • Avi Weiss and Co. will protest Iran at the UN Tuesday.
  • Arch neocon Paul Wolfowitz is under scrutiny for handing his mistress a $200,000/yr job at the World Bank.
  • Jack Abramoff may be getting a reduced sentence.
  • Henry Rollins produced a documentary on Israel that aired this past weekend on IFC.
  • The UN’s council on women’s rights proved its utter worthlessness, ending its annual session last week by issuing a sole condemnation of Israel for the treatment of women in Palestinian society.

3 thoughts on “Too much to blog, not enough time

  1. Henry Rollins:
    “Israelis know that the café you’re in could blow up, or the shopping mall, and they rock that.”
    This should be in some place with ridiculous quotations.

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