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too pumped not to mention

I discovered Israeli DJ crew Soulico digging through the selections at hatav hashmini in Tel Aviv when i came across their Masabacha mixtape which included this gem. and this one as well. It took a few years, but the day they put up a myspace page I messaged them. Now they are the newest artists on the JDub roster. Who are they? Soulico is a 4-member DJ crew, and the first DJ’s in the Middle East to master the trifecta of production, turntabilsm, and party-rocking skills. Soulico has garned incredible respect and critical acclaim both for their original songs and their unique mash-ups that blend Israeli folk and Jewish melodies with American hip-hop tracks.
Soulico is currently in the states, meeting up with the Roots and Jewschool fave Amy Winehouse and preparing for their NYC debut tomorrow night at Canal Room before joining JDub at SXSW in good old Austin, TX.
Care to join us? $15 admission in NYC includes an hour open bar. 2 chances to see them at SXSW. Friday (pre-Shabbes) at the FREE (no wristbands or badges needed!) Impose Party w/The Rub at and Saturday night at midnight at the JDub/Heeb Showcase at Habana Calle 6 Annex (which includes labelmates Balkan Beat Box & Golem, and is hosted by the venerable Michael Showalter.

7 thoughts on “too pumped not to mention

  1. It should be noted that the first Soulico song biz links to is a Dag Nachash song; I guess they remixed it or something, but it’s not their original thang.

  2. Soulico performed at the Jewlicious at the Beach festival this past weekend and they were great fun and really nice guys too. By all means check them out in NYC or at SXSW or wherever. Based on our experience, they will not disappoint!

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