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Interfaith Coffee Co-op in Uganda

One of my rabbinical school classmates is Gershom Sizomu, the spiritual leader of the Ugandan Abayudaya Jewish community. His brother JJ, it turns out, has put together an amazing coffee co-op of local Jews, Christians, and Muslims in the area. You can check out info on the collective and the sweet, nutty, pecan/nutmeg coffee they’ve made (called Mirembe Kawomera, or “delicious peace,”) here.

4 thoughts on “Interfaith Coffee Co-op in Uganda

  1. It’s ironic for me to read this on JewSchool, because I just spent the weekend with J.J. Keki at the Jewlicious Festival 3.0 ! We heard him talk about his project, sing Ugandan Shabbat melodies, and talk about the origins of the Ugandan Jews. And I have a pound of their Mirembe Kawomera coffee on my desk at work now. 🙂
    Oh yeah, their US parters are based in the NorCal. What what!

  2. Hung out with JJ Keke and his crew this past weekend too! JJ is also a great performer and he warmed our hearts with a Ugandan niggun of Lechah Dodi. It was great! He also performed at JTB3 and the story of the interfaith fair trade coffee collective was inspiring.

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