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TREYF Podcast's #WarOnChristmas

Merry Kratsmsaych!
Before we here at Treyf Podcast write an introductory post — which will hopefully follow in the next week or so — have a listen to our most recent episode that is based on the #WarOnChristmas campaign.
Inspired by the confluence of panic and satire that is the #WarOnChristmas, we tried to discover it’s true meaning. Relying on the guidance of longtime activist and teacher Moishe Volf Dolman, we moved through Christmas past and present in Montréal, trying to understand what the #WarOnChristmas is actually about.
Normally our podcast is focused on news and current events, but we decided to try something a little bit different with this episode. A big thanks to Claire Hurtig, Jenna Brager, Moishe Volf Dolman, and CKUT 90.3 FM
Nisht geshtoygen nisht gefloygen,
Treyf Podcast

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