Trouble For Kabbalah Guru

Shaul Youdkevitch, head of The Kabbalah Center in Israel has been arrested on charges that he swindeled a female cancer patient out of tens of thousands of dollars claiming the donations would cure her cancer. Upon her death, the husband filed a complaint against the center. Youdkevitch also suggested the consumption of Kabbalah “holy water” would improve her condition as well. In other news, the head of United Christian Ministries have offered the widower an expensive pat on the head.

3 thoughts on “Trouble For Kabbalah Guru

  1. yeppers, i can vouch for that. the same thing happened to me.
    i used to work for the american jewish joint distribution committee aka “the joint” and i worked with a woman who was a kabbalist and a raw foodist. i approached her because i was interested in raw foods as a modality to cure cancer patients naturally (i was very close to a cancer patient at the time) she ignored my initial request and took me to the kabbalah center where they told me exactly that. they CAN cure my mother if i just buy this and this and this and then everything will be allright. its good to see some light being shed on this.

  2. What is this guys relationship with the Bergs in LA? The LA Kablala Center is the same. They sell water and zohars that heal!

  3. Very sad. Do the Kabbalah Center people claim to be faith healers or something. If they are, what in the world is Madonna thinking? She used to be antifundy and liked pissing people who acted like this off. This is mind enslavement and extortion

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